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Our Commitment to

Our Planet


Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword at Willday Wealth Management; it’s a core principle driving our investment strategies and operational procedures!

Sustainable Investments

We offer the PruFund Planet range, emphasising investments in environmentally responsible companies. Investing in this fund allows clients to pursue financial growth while supporting positive environmental impact. We’re committed to responsible investing for a sustainable future.

Leading by Example

Our director drives a Tesla, embodying our company commitment to sustainability. This choice reflects our dedication to reducing emissions and embracing clean energy solutions, inspiring environmental responsibility throughout Willday Wealth Management.

Eco-friendly coffee choices

We’ve teamed up with sustainable coffee brand, Grind. They commit to sourcing beans from ethical and environmentally responsible producers and supports fair trade practices. Our partnership exemplifies our belief in sustainable choices driving positive change.

Our New Office

Solar Panels

Renewable energy

Reduced carbon footprint

Will power our green lift


Bat boxes

Encourages wildlife habitats

Raises awareness about the importance of bats


Garden roof

Promotes biodiversity

Improves air quality

Absorbs carbon dioxide


Blue roof

Manages storm-water runoff

Helps prevernt flooding

Alleviates pressure on drainage systems


Heat Pumps

Energy-efficient heating and cooling sytems

Produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions


“We invest in sustainable and ethical funds today, to ensure we all have a
world to enjoy tomorrow.”

Edward Willday
Managing Director